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Juicy Fields experience – SCAM! Not serious!

Juicy Fields Update - Website

If you want to build a passive income, you are probably always looking for the right opportunities and possibilities, especially when it comes to investment opportunities.

When it comes to business models that generate you a passive income, you should only focus on a few, 1 – 2, ideally they complement each other. Therefore, I will share my Juicy Fields experience with you in this review.


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    Juicy Fields Experience

    juicy fields logo

    While looking for more players in the cannabis market space, I came across Juicy Fields. And here I would like to share with you my Juicy Fields experience.

    A way to get a high return is by investing in cannabis, in the form of “crowd growing”.

    The company is based in Berlin and is a limited liability company. However, the plants and greenhouses are located all over the globe. These are countries where the cultivation of cannabis is allowed.

    UPDATE (07/19/2022): The company, which is run by Alan Glanse, has moved to the Netherlands (Amsterdam) and it has become a holding company. Previously it was a GmbH and based in Berlin.

    However, now the Juicy Fields SCAM came true! The site is closed, you can no longer log in and you do NOT get your money out!!!

    If you want to log in, you get an “Access denied”:

    juicy fields access denied

    And on the home page itself, is a very funny, not serious text, which is of course SCAM!!! A very brazen call from the thieves!


    In the worst case, your data will then be misused and abused for criminal purposes! For this reason, do not send anything!

    juicy fields scam


    The rating on Trustpilot can now be seen. Many now give a negative rating because they have lost their money. Hopefully this will deter others as well so that nothing is sent in to the company or money is paid in.

    The best alternatives to JuicyFields:

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      JuicyFields scam – report? Have bank withdraw money?

      If you are a resident of Germany and also affected by the scam, then you should definitely file a complaint against JuicyFields. If you have recently transferred your money, then you should talk to your bank.

      Your bank may be able to help you withdraw the money. JuicyFields Holding Group has emptied many of its accounts, but you may still be lucky enough to have your bank withdraw your money.

      However, this may not lead to any success, yet it is worth a try!

      This is the only way investors can try to get their money back.

      What else do you do?

      There are many Telegram groups where people are sharing information about this big scam. Juicy Fields Holdings is located in the Netherlands, the GmbH probably further in Germany. It remains to be seen whether a complaint, which is advised in the Telegram groups, will be successful.

      The website of the fraudulent company continues to contain comical texts. Also a count is listed. However, this count does not seem to be traceable. However, it seems that he is behind the whole thing.

      Whether this is really so is currently still open and unresolved, or whether he is simply used as a character. Dr. Müller appears in the imprint of the website. The data was stolen from this gentleman and an account was opened at iSX Bank.

      iSX has confirmed that over 500,000,000 euros (= 500 million euros) were also moved and withdrawn through this.

      Thus, many people were deprived of their money! Possibly the biggest fraud in the cannabis industry, which now leaves a stale taste for many in the field of eGrowing.

      With this, many investors are now naturally skeptical, which is understandable.

      Best alternatives for investors

      In the best case, investors can now try to increase their money elsewhere. Here, other alternatives in the field of eGrowing can also be considered:

        Alternatively, stocks, ETFs and precious metals may be of interest. A good fund (e.g. MSCI World ETF) can help. The returns are of course much lower, but possibly safer.

        Another alternative for investors would be Copy Trading. Because with it the trades of professional traders are copied, which make a chart analysis, etc.. This is of course associated with a certain risk and this risk must be aware.

        Nevertheless, many people invest and achieve good profits. However, here you have to find good traders so that you can get good returns. More alternative and lucrative copy trading (click here and copy professionals).



        When you log in to via the link above, you will be directed to your backend. And from there, you can buy one or more cannabis plants.

        I was able to buy one big cannabis plant and 20 small ones. The payment is made conveniently through a bank transfer. These experiences I have made so far. The harvest is still a little while.

        As you can see the JuicyFlash cannabis plant will be ready for harvest on 12/27/2021. While the big JuicyHaze will be on March 16, 2022. And one thing that takes most of the time is the staking and growing phase.

        Update 10/29/2021: I bought 4 more JuicyFlash and now have 25 plants.

        buy cannabis plant juicyfields io experience


        Update from 30.05.2022: With me now 20 plants have been harvested and I have bought more plants. After harvesting and Reinvest I am now at 239 plants, which are steadily increasing. However, here is also 1 large plant.

        You can see the screenshot below at “Payouts” and Reinvest.


        Buy Hemp Plant

        As you can see in the picture above, you can easily go to the clone store in the backend and buy the one hemp plant you would like. You can buy the following cannabis plants:

        • JuicyFlash – costs only 50 €, but is not renewed. The expected return is 62,50 – 82,50 €. => ROI of up to 65 %
        • JuicyMist – costs 2000 euros, is renewed for 3 years, and harvested 4 times a year. The expected yield is 300 – 400 Euro per harvest. So in total 1200 – 1600 Euro per year and over the lifetime 3600 – 4800 Euro. => ROI of up to 240 %
        • JuicyKush costs 2000 Euro, is renewed for 4 years and you get 3 harvests per year. The expected yield is 500 – 750 Euro per harvest. So in total 1500 – 2250 Euro per year and over the lifetime 6000 – 9000 Euro. => ROI of up to 450 %
        • JuicyHaze costs 2000 Euro, is renewed for 5 years and you get 2 harvests per year. The expected yield is 900 – 1200 Euro per harvest. So in total 1800 – 2400 Euro per year and over the lifetime 9000 – 12.000 Euro. => ROI of up to 600 %

        With this, very good returns are possible. You can have the fastest payout with the JuicyFlash, but the greatest return will be with the JuicyHaze.

        For a good cash flow and passive income, the JuicyHaze is thus the best suited. But it is highly recommended to have both the JuicyFlash and JuicyHaze.

        My personal opinion and evaluation is that it’s better to have both. Only betting on small plants makes little sense, as you will have more work, and the overall return will not be as high.

        Therefore, my experience with Juicy Fields and their platform: the healthy mix of different cannabis plants does it.

        Here you can make your own Juicyfields io experience:


        What happens after the purchase?

        If you have bought a cannabis plant and transferred the amount, it will now take until the process “Cloning & Rooting” is completed. It usually takes 14 days, and then it goes into vegetation, which takes 30 days, at least for the JuicyFlash.

        For the larger ones, the vegetation phase takes 60 days. For the Flash, the “Flowering & PreHarvest” phase takes 45 days, and for the larger plants takes 108 days, respectively.

        The harvest lasts a day. Then it goes to drying and packaging, which takes 18 days in total.

        With the JuicyFlash, you can sell your harvest after 108 days. With the larger plants, unfortunately, it takes 6 months! It may seem like a long time, but you can look at it as a dividend on shares.


        Yield and Harvest

        Since this is crowd growing, you can profit from the good opportunities. You can buy a small plant, but also a bigger one.

        The variety will also depend on the harvesting frequency as well as the sales value. We will give you an estimate on how much you can harvest and how much you can sell.

        With this, you can easily calculate the return on investment.

        • The JuicyFlash costs only € 50. As a harvest yield, you calculate with 62,50 – 82,50 €. That means you have a return of 12,50 – 32,50 per plant, so an ROI of up to 65%.
        • The JuicyMist costs 2000 Euro, is renewed for 3 years, and harvested 4 times a year. Per harvest, you get about 300 – 400 Euro. That means 1200 – 1600 Euro per year. Over the lifetime it is 3600 – 4800 Euro. We are talking about a return of 1600 – 2800 Euro and an ROI of up to 240%.
        • JuicyKush costs 2000 Euro, is renewed for 4 years, and harvested 3 times per year. The company states that 500 – 750 euros are expected per harvest. This corresponds to 1500 – 2250 Euro per year. So over the term 6000 – 9000 euros. This gives us a return of 4000 – 7000 euros, which corresponds to an ROI of up to 450%.
        • The largest plant, the JuicyHaze costs 2000 euros, is renewed every 5 years and can be harvested twice a year. The company values the yield at 900 – 1200 euros per harvest. So that means annually 1800 – 2400 euros over the lifetime 9000 – 12,000 euro. This means a return of 7000 – 10,000 euro which corresponds to an ROI of up to 600%.

        Decent numbers I would say will make investors’ hearts beat faster. If this is so, it is great prospects and valuations for the crowd growing investment, rather a low risk.


        Juicyfields – Scam or Fraud?

        There are voices and opinions that Juicyfields is a scam. Of course, it is a new kind of investment opportunity but mainly because it is illegal to grow and possess hemp in Germany.

        The company is based in Berlin and registered there, but the bank account is in Cyprus. That skepticism arises here as expected to be. It would be better, of course, if the bank account would also be in Germany.

        There were 23,550 people in the Telegram group (as of June 2022). The company and the support do a lot for the community. The community is the core idea with the platform.

        The payouts all worked wonderfully until day X came and since then the payouts have NOT worked! Juicy Fields SCAM has come true.


        The best alternatives to JuicyFields:


          Juicyfields Taxes

          You might want to know if you need to pay taxes at Juicyfields. Since this is an investment, you will, of course, have to pay taxes on the income. Do not withhold Juicyfields taxes.

          You do that usually with your investments at your tax office. (Attention: no legal or tax advice).


          Juicyfields Legit

          You might also wonder if Juicyfields is legal. You are probably wondering because this is about investing money in cannabis. Though the company is established in Germany, the greenhouses are located in countries where the cultivation of hemp is allowed.

          Since you are not having cannabis shipped to your home, but it’s sold, and medical products are developed from it, so this is legal. The plants will grow only in the countries where cultivation is allowed and legalized.

          Theoretically, cultivation is possible in Germany, as long as you have the permit to operate. And this also applies to medical hemp products.


          Juicyfields Payout

          Once you have received or sold your harvest, you can request a payout from Juicyfields. Juicyfields payouts can be made through Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, and via bank transfer.

          It allows you to have complete freedom on how you want to cash out your earnings, and this is where Juicy Fields is flexible.

          So hopefully, you got the answers regarding the payout.

          juicyfields payout


          My payout – Via Ethereum

          Here, I cashed out a portion via Ethereum. The money was very quickly on my wallet. Therefore, the payout currently works flawlessly.

          The payout via bank would also work very easily and quickly, but it would take longer.

          juicyfields payout ethereum


          My Juicy Fields Crop and Reinvest

          Here you can find my Juicy Fields payouts and if I still think it is serious as well as my personal opinion and recommendation.

          I had 20 plants ready for harvest. My return or performance was also impressive. To summarize in payments:

          • Investment: 20 plants bought = 1000 euros invested
          • Harvest: 960 grams in total, which equals 960 / 20 = 48 grams per plant
          • Selling price: The harvest of cannabis plants (JuicyFlash) was sold for 1440 euros
          • Yield: The yield was 44% (1440 / 1000) = 1.44, which is 44%, or 72 euros per plant.

          This means that the range of 45 – 55 grams as well as 68 – 83 Euro was kept.

          Then I reinvested the harvest again. In the video I show 5 plants, then I bought another 17. Here I show you that also quite clearly transparent:

          juicy fields harvest yields and payout


          The best alternatives to JuicyFields:


          Further Updates

          Since the company is constantly growing, there is always something new. At this point, the various information is incorporated, so that you always stay up2date.


          JuicyFields Update from 25.05.2022

          In this newsletter it was announced that a new and very experienced manager was brought on board. This person will manage the company with immediate effect.

          Alan Glanse will be stepping back a bit. He has made the company great, but now wants to hand over to a slightly more experienced person so that the company can continue to grow. There are now close to 500,000 eGrowers involved.

          There are also plans for further expansion in Greece and the UK. So the growth of the JuicyFields company is progressing strongly.

          In addition, it was still announced to limit the number of JuicyFlash per person. Most people start with one JuicyFlash plant before buying a larger one or more.

          More detailed information will follow.


          Update from 18.05.2022

          A new partner has signed a contract with JuicyFields. This is a Swiss company, which operates one of the best indoor facilities, not only in Europe, but also worldwide.

          More has not been revealed yet, but certainly soon.

          There will also be an opening ceremony for the new office planned and coming soon. In addition, more great products are planned that can be purchased in the store. Here comes on the part of Juicy Fields so still a lot on us!


          Update from 20.04.2022: alephSana and a new office in Valencia

          The new partner company alephSana, which was founded in 2019, is a pharmaceutical wholesale company based in Berlin. Boris Moshkovits, who is the co-founder and CEO of the company has a lot of experience in the field of medical cannabis market and of course in the pharmaceutical industry.

          The new partner not only has a lot of experience and own medical cannabis products. He also offers cannabis extracts and cannabis flowers. These come from EU-GMP and GDP certified partners.

          Some of these partners already cooperate with JuicyFields as well.

          In addition, the Valencia office will soon be opened and made available to visitors.


          Update from 13.04.2022: Results from 1. quarter of 2022

          Now the results of the 1st quarter in 2022 are in. The set goals could be achieved.

          Thus, a cultivation area of 90,000 sqm has been achieved. Another 14,958 sqm are to be added.

          The harvest of the first three months in 2022 amounted to 29,689,471 kg, pure biomass. This is pretty much 24.43% of the total target for 2022, which is 121,500 kg.

          juicfields ergebnisse Q1 2022


          Update from 30.03.2022: Results from 1st quarter 2022

          Happy Birthday to JuicyFields. Because today the company is 2 years.

          Key data to date are:

          • 74 team members, 7 offices in 7 countries.
          • 17 partners worldwide with a cultivation area of 80,000m².
          • According to the company, over 100,000 kg of dried flowers have been achieved within 2 years.

          Expos where you can meet JuicyFields in person:

          • Canapa Mundi, April 1-3. Rome, Italy
          • Plant Week Medicine, April 5-8. Valetta, Malta
          • Indica Sativa, April 8-10. Bologna, Italy
          • CB Club, April 14. Zurich, Switzerland

          more to follow.

          Here are the current partners in the overview:

          partner juicy fields international


          Update from 22.02.2022: New partnership with Formula Swiss

          Today it was announced that JuicyFields has signed a new partnership with Formula Swiss.

          The new partner is Formula Swiss AG, based in Baar in the canton of Zug. Formula Swiss is an international cannabis company.
          The new partnership will be used to drive new projects in Denmark to produce products with a high THC content.

          swiss formula partner


          Update 08.02.2022: Quality Assurance & LC Pharma Fund is launched.

          Today’s newsletter “JuicyFields forms a quality assurance team!” makes you want to know more. Here are the key facts summarized for you:

          • Quality Assurance will be improved: they want to improve quality and so Shlomo Booklin and Lauren Booklin will be the Quality Assurance leaders. You can learn more about Shlomo Booklin here: LinkedIn Profile
          • Both persons (Shlomo and Lauren Booklin) have been working for years as consultants for different companies in the cannabis field with their own company S. Booklin Consulting Corporation (registered in Canada). Both are specialists in G.A.C.P (Good Agricultural and Collection Practice) and G.M.P (Good Manufacturing Practice). They have worked with many partners in the pharma/cannabis space and have been with JuicyFields as strategic advisors since 2021.
          • Balid Launch of JuicyFields Fund: In the previous newsletter and update, it was announced that a fund would be made available. Now the LC PHARMA FUND ISIN: LI0562151964 in cooperation with Luxburg Carolath will be launched very soon. You can find the brochure in PDF here: official brochure


          qualtaetssicherungsteam 2022


          Update Jan. 20, 2022: Company merger, move to the Netherlands and announcement of annual targets

          Today’s newsletter “Bigger, Greater and Juicier!” promises an enormous amount. Here are the key facts summarized for you:

          • Goal by 2025: To become one of the TOP 5 producers of medical cannabis. In the long term, they even want to become number 1. Very ambitious, but completely in line with the investors.
          • Juicy Grow GmbH in Berlin merges with the office in Amsterdam. This creates Juicy Holdings B.V. The new CEO will be Dr. Daniel Detlef Walter Dank. Alan Glanse becomes the “inspirational leader.”
          • The Zurich office will reopen as a public company in addition with a (FI) investment broker license and registration with FINMA for larger investors. This promises a lot.
          • As a result of the merger and move, the rights to manage the digital platform will be transferred by law to Jdie uicy Holdings B.V. Netherlands, headquartered at Rokin 92-96, 1012KZ Amsterdam. However, nothing changes in the platform itself. It is only the legally necessary step.
          • The search for new cultivation areas in Latin America and Europe will continue.
          • Goals until 2022: As a total area of cultivated land, the goal is to reach 139,000 square meters and a total harvest of 121,500 kg.
            In addition, a dedicated charity fund “JuicyCares” will be established, where the community will be consulted in the selection of charities.
            niederlande juicygrow gmbh fusion


            Update 11.01.2022 – Alternative Investment Funds

            In the last newsletter it was pointed out that we now want to become more attractive for larger investors. For this reason, a JuicyFields fund has been created. This makes Juicy Fields more serious, in my opinion.

            Accordingly, the company now becomes part of the Luxburg Carolath Investments Fund SICAV (registration number FL-0002.602.993-8). Here, the minimum investment is from 100,000 euros. It is also referred to as the “JuicyFields Fund”.

            The company Luxburg Carolath Asset Management AG is itself based in Berlin. It will definitely be exciting to see if and how quickly the fund comes online.

            In addition, the company will be merged into a holding company in the Netherlands. In addition, the Swiss office in Zurich Aktiengesellschaft will be reopened with a (FI) investment intermediary license and registration with FINMA for larger investors.

            An extremely interesting development. I hope there will then also be a bit more transparency, which would make for a higher level of seriousness.

            Register now for free and copy successful traders!

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            JuicyFields Investigation

            JuicyFields has been investigated by the German police. But, what is behind it? JuicyFields came to the attention of the German police. Someone (probably not an active eGrower) felt somehow bad and filed a complaint.

            But, it came to nothing because the allegations were not true. And because it wasn’t true, the charges were dropped. So there is no JuicyFields investigation anymore.

            However, this is only part of the statement on the part of JuicyFields. The other side, however, looks different and there are probably further investigations underway.

            The best alternatives to JuicyFields:


              JuicyFields Snowball

              People often claim that this is a pyramid scheme. However, for a snowball system it is important that other people are recruited and only on the basis of the newly recruited users the one above (upliner) earns.

              However, this is not really the case. Because you don’t have to recruit anyone if you don’t want to. If you don’t recruit anyone, you still earn money.

              Because this opportunity is an eGrowing business model. You are involved in cannabis plants and harvesting from them.

              By advertising, you can act as an affiliate and thus receive even more money. However, this is definitely not a must!

              JuicyFields App

              Important: Currently there is no app for this. If there was, it would be announced on the official site.

              Accordingly, this is fake and you should definitely not use it. If you have downloaded it, remove it from your phone immediately.

              If you have logged in, change your password immediately and use 2 factor authentication.


              JuicyFields Login

              Currently the login does not work anymore. Whenever you want to log in, you get “Access Denied”. This means that you have no chance to log in and sell your harvest and pay out your money!


              The best alternatives to JuicyFields:

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