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My First Plant Experience – The Next Cannabis Investment Opportunity?

Mit cannabis geld verdienen

Cannabis is currently on everyone’s lips, and so is the possibility to invest in it. Making money sounds illegal at first unless you buy cannabis stocks. But the question is, are there other, completely legal ways to make money with cannabis? For this reason, I would like to share my “My First Plant Experience” with you here.

My First Plant – My First Plant Experience

You can read a lot about the company on the web. Therefore, I wanted to make my own My First Plant experience. Often what people say may not be accurate. The reasons can be different.

If you read other reports, you can understand why their attitude is not particularly positive.

The background is that one or two of the current CEOs was involved in a crypto scam (see here: EXW Wallet SCAM). Mario Abraham, the CEO of My First Plant has made several statements about this, saying that he was merely an employee at a subcontractor.

Well, something like that continues to weigh on you, of course. To Mario’s credit, his the only one out of the three CEO”s of EXW Wallet who has remained in Austria. If he had something to hide etc., he probably would have fled as well.

ATTENTION: Some fake sites have the company name in the domain. However, these are NOT official sites. Therefore use this link here: Register now for free and make your own decision!


My First Plant GmbH in Klagenfurt – How serious?

First of all, let’s have a look at the company, My First Plant Gmbh in Klagenfurt, Austria. The company’s business address is Doktor-Arthur-Lemisch-Platz 3, Innere Stadt, Austria.

If you look at it on Google Maps, it’s apparent that this is right in the middle of the city.

my first plant gmbh klagenfurt standort

Make your own My First Plant experience now: Register now for free and make your own decision!

In some YouTube videos, you can see that the company probably had a different address. The old address certainly did not leave a significant impression. Why? Simply because one could not imagine that such a company is located there.

With this address in Klagenfurt, My First Plant GmbH can make up points.

Let’s look at the whole thing further. There are numerous videos of investors who have also received a payout and have shown this on camera.

As we know, with ALL investments, you have to weigh your risk and expect that sometimes it can also result in a total loss. (This is not investment advice here).

With research, you may not find much more. Only because My First Plant GmbH in Klagenfurt got some bad reviews, due to the EXW Wallet case.

Based on further research and analysis, I decided to buy a plant anyway. 1 indoor and 5 outdoor plants.

my first plant pflanzen kaufen status

Make your own My First Plant experience now: Register now for free and make your own decision!

My First Plant – Cost of a Plant

The cost of a cannabis plant varies. Currently, an indoor cannabis plant costs 800 euros incl. 20% VAT in Austria. An outdoor plant currently costs 60 euros and is limited to 5 plants per person.

There are no additional costs for the next 5 years. The harvest is also paid for you at 100%. When you buy 2 plants, the company will plant for you. They keep one for themselves and the other is yours.

According to the company, they use this model to grow and expand faster. In this way, the yields shared are 50% because two plants are planted. You don’t have to worry about anything anymore.

After 5 years, you can continue to have MFP take care of the plant. There will be a small monthly fee for this.

Unfortunately, it’s not written anywhere how much this is.


My First Plant – Buy Plant

If you want to buy a cannabis plant from My First Plant, all you have to do is register here and make your own My First Plant experience: Register now for free and make your own decision!

Registration is free, but that’s not it. The good thing here is that the plant currently costs only 800 euros plus the tax! This is not a one-time story. A plant is managed for over 5 years.

Compared to Juicy Fields or Cannergrow this is really a bargain because, with both the plants, it is 2 – 3 times expensive! This is why it makes the investment so interesting and attractive.

Of course, the company is still from its start. A plant at Cannergrow also only costs 300 – 500 euros. Gradually, the price will increase. So it could also happen here.

The first price increase has already been discussed.

The small outdoor plants are already available for 60 euros. The growth for this should begin in May 2022. So the earliest harvest will be in October / November, to be expected.

my first plant pflanze kaufen

My First Plant – Return on investment, what is it?

The return is given with 40 – 50% per year. This means that the plant generates about 320 – 400 euros per year and thus has paid off after 2 – 2.5 years. It’s a relatively manageable time.

In the span of 5 years, this would be a return on investment (ROI) of 320 – 400 x 5 = 1600 – 2000 Euro. It means we have an ROI of 2 – 2.5 or 200 – 250%. If the plant continues to be cultivated, the return on investment increases.

By the way, harvesting takes place every 120 days, i.e. every 4 months and thus 3 times a year.

Make your own My First Plant experience now: Register now for free and make your own decision!


My First Plant – Payout

Of course, you want to be able to cash out your earnings. At MFP, this is possible, either via bank transfer or via cryptocurrency (Bitcoin). Currently, there are no other payout options available.

However, this may change soon. More payout options will be available. The payout takes place every week, so the payout cycle. Currently, it is not yet a daily payout.


Earn Money with Cannabis

The good thing about this investment is that the return is relatively high, so the investment pays off pretty quickly and can continue as passive income afterward.

So this is a great way to make money with cannabis.

Make your own My First Plant experience now: Register now for free and make your own decision!


Earn Money with My First Plant

Besides investment, you can also consider it as a business. You can also recommend it to other people and earn money with it. For example, you recommend MFP to your friend or acquaintance, if that person buys a plant, you get a small commission for this.

Why do you do it this way? More and more companies are doing this. You act as an affiliate and thus as a freelancer. You only get a commission in case of success otherwise, you don’t cost the company any money.

This is a clever way to bring the company move forward and to pay sales staff according to performance and success.

You can earn on up to 9 levels. Yes, it looks like network marketing when you look at it that way. How hard and how far you do it is up to you.

For me, the first two or possibly the third level are interesting. It can be seen in other affiliate programs as well.

my first plant compensation plan



Cannabis Legalization Germany

Recently, the legalization of cannabis in Germany is also a done deal. The new government has spoken out in favor of cannabis legalization in Germany. This means that demand will probably increase quite a bit.

As demand increases, so will the price per gram. For investors, of course, it’s quite good.

My First Plant Experience – Conclusion

Let’s get to the conclusion. After numerous research and considerations, I have invested and tested the whole thing for you. I will keep this test and experience report always up to date. But of course, you can also find the updates on the Incomebutler YouTube channel.

That means I’m testing it for you and will do a report. Of course, I do not want to lose my money, and for this reason, I conduct research ahead of time. Though it’s not a guarantee that the result will be positive because every investment has its risk somewhere otherwise, it would not be an investment.

However, I have a good feeling that it will go well.

Make your own My First Plant experience now: Register now for free and make your own decision!


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